Savant Mélange : la soirée de la recherche scientifique, on October 16 at the Sorbonne

We are happy to announce that “Savant Mélange : la soirée de la recherche scientifique” will take place on 16 October from 8pm to 10 pm at the Sorbonne Grand amphitheatre.

As part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, IHES has organised an event that will be free and open to everybody, an occasion for some renowned scientists and science lovers to share their passion for science with a wide audience.

This exceptional event will be hosted by Mathieu Vidard, a unveiler of scientific complexities, and will gather passionate visionaries such as Cedric Villani, a mathematician and an MP, Thibault Damour, a physicist specialised in gravitational waves, Claire Voisin, a mathematician and a professor at College de France, or Bruce Benamran, who entertains millions of French speaking science enthusiasts with his YouTube Channel “e-penser”. Through a series of short interventions with different formats, they will share their discoveries, their experience in science and their passion for scientific research.

Don’t wait and book your seat on the Savant Mélange webpage