Savant Mélange, an event celebrating scientific research

“Savant Mélange, an event celebrating scientific research”, was held on October 16 at the Grand amphithéâtre de la Sorbonne.

As part of the celebrations for its 60th anniversary, IHES organized a free and open event, an opportunity for great scientists and science enthusiasts to share their enthusiasm for research with a wide audience.

Nearly 800 people attended the event hosted by Mathieu Vidard, decipherer of the most complex sciences, and which brought together such passionate and visionary personalities as Cédric Villani, mathematician and MP, Thibault Damour, physicist specialised in gravitational waves, Claire Voisin, mathematician and professor at Collège de France and Bruce Benamran, a youtuber whose vocation in to make complex scientific concepts understandable by the widest audience. Through a series of short and varied interventions, they shared their discoveries, their backgrounds and their passion for scientific research.

Throughout the evening, the public was able to propose questions on social networks, that Mathieu Vidard asked the speakers on stage. This gave Cédric Villani the opportunity to give us his point of view on whether one can be a self-taught mathematician and Claire Voisin was able to give her advice to young scientists to “start very broad and very ambitious” and explain to us why she chose algebraic geometry as a research subject.

Noting the presence of young people in the audience, Emmanuel Ullmo, Director of IHES, commented: “So many students willing to come here to hear us talk about science, it’s encouraging! ». Indeed, nearly 300 students from the academies of Versailles, Paris, Orléans were present, as well as a group of high school students who are members of the “Science Ouverte” association.

The evening was broadcast live and is now available in its entirety on our Youtube channel, but you can also watch the speeches separately.

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IHES sincerely thanks BNP Paribas, UNESCO and the Mairie de Paris, who made this event possible.