Amis de l'IHES

A public conference on April 5th

The association “Les Amis de l’IHES” will organise a conference on April 5 at 5pm, at the Marilyn and James Simons Conference Centre.

Pierre Cartier (IHES) will give a talk titled:

« Bruno Pontecorvo : science and espionage ?  ».

In this talk he will present the history of Bruno Potecorvo one of the “Via Panisperna boys”, a group a young physicists led by Enrico Fermi in Rome, between 1929 and 1938. Through Pierre Cartier’s words we will be able to follow Bruno Potecorvo along his journeys in Europe and in North America, then in Russia, during the years of World War II and of the Cold War. Pierre Cartier will help us answering a question that after all these years remains open: was Bruno Pontecorvo a soviet spy? Pierre Cartier believes not.

Bruno Pontecorvo is known for his studies on neutrinos, which are elementary particles interacting very weakly, therefore hard to detect, and especially for having predicted their oscillation.

The talk will be followed by a musical interlude. Bertrand Maury will play piano pieces by W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin, D. Chostakovitch and M. Ravel.

Please note that the talk will be in French.

Contact : Ingrid Peeters (01 60 92 66 64)

Free entrance upon registration:

Download the conference poster