Post-doctorants Scientific activity

IHES intensifies its post-doctoral program

Giving young scientists the opportunity to continue their training and their work in an environment that fosters freedom of research and of intellectual exchange is at the heart of the IHES mission. Since the arrival of Emmanuel Ullmo at the head of the Institute, the number of post-doctoral researchers welcomed every year at IHES has increased.

During its December meeting, the Scientific Council selects a group of successful post-doctoral applications. The post-doctoral contracts, that last one or more years, can be part of specific programs, of collaboration projects involving several institutes, or they might belong to the IHES general invitation program.

This year the Institute welcomes nine new postdocs, for whom an induction day was organised on 15 September, whose aim was to introduce them to the Institute’s scientific environment. The young researchers that have joined IHES had the chance to meet their colleagues from the year before, as well as the director and some permanent professors.

The exchanges went on informally, in perfect agreement with the spirit of the Institute, which is to promote free, curiosity-driven research: this recipe has so far allowed some of the most brilliant ideas to be born and to grow at IHES. The Institute warmly welcomes this new group of young researchers!