Le Mystère du Monde Quantique awarded the 2017 FNAC Comics Prize in Belgium

Le Mystère du Monde Quantique, the comic book written by Thibault Damour in collaboration with the comics artist Mathieu Burniat, obtained the 2017 FNAC Comics Prize in Belgium. The winners, that are chosen every year by readers and by FNAC booksellers, were announced on Friday 10 March, on the occasion of the Brussels Book Festival.

This prize recognizes the success of this comic book summarizing the discoveries that lead to the foundation of quantum physics, and exploring the ways in which they affect our view of the world.

Le Mystère du Monde Quantique tells the story of Bob and his dog Rick who meet the early protagonists of quantum theory. During their journey they will slowly need to change their understanding of how reality works – as readers we share their struggle with the counterintuitive nature of quantum physics.

So far 35000 copies of The Mydtère du Monde Quantique have already been sold in France, 4000 in Belgium, 1000 in Switzerland and 1000 in Canada.