Conference announcement: “Quantum Gravity: Physics and Philosophy”

The workshop “Quantum Gravity: Physics and Philosophy” aims at bringing together the physicists that during the last decades have been working on a possible way to build a quantum theory of gravity, and philosophers interested in the conceptual issues that such effort inevitably encounters along the way.

Philosophy of quantum gravity is a recently emerging field of research. An ERC project titled Philosophy of Canonical Quantum Gravity, directed by Gabriel Catren (Université Paris-Diderot), tries to tackle the problem of quantum gravity from a philosophical perspective.

The conference will take place at IHES on 24th – 27th October and it is organized by Gabriel Catren (CNRS, Laboratoire SPHERE), Thibault Damour (IHES), Elie During (Université Paris Nanterre, Laboratoire IRePh), and Federico Zalamea (CNRS, Laboratoire SPHERE). The list of speakers includes some outstanding researchers in the field and their talks will develop around a wide spectrum of themes: the principles of quantum gravity, black holes, holographic correspondences, quantum cosmology, emergence of spacetime, the status of time in quantum gravity and quantum geometries.

This workshop also aims to provide students and young researchers with an overview of the major conceptual issues of this vast field of research.

Registration is free but mandatory.

For more information: https://philo-phys-qg.sciencesconf.org/.