Former CNRS/CEA research directors and associate professors - IHES

Former CNRS/CEA research directors and associate professors

  • Francis Brown - IHES

    Francis Brown, mathematician

    Former CNRS Researcher at IHES (2012-2015)

    Francis Brown is a Research Fellow at the All Souls College in Oxford University since September 2015. Before that, he was a CNRS Researcher at IHES (2012-2015) and the holder of the Israel Gelfand chair in mathematics (2016-2018).

  • portrait de Cédric Deffayet

    Cédric Deffayet, Physicist

    Former CNRS Research Director at IHES (2017-2020)

    Cédric Deffayet works on theoretical physics, at the interface between cosmology, gravitation (general relativity and its extensions) and high energy theoretical physics, particularly superstring theory.

  • Directeur de recherche CEA Bertrand Eynard

    Bertrand Eynard, Physicist

    Former CEA Research Director (2018-2021)

    Bertrand Eynard is studying theoretical physics and mathematics. He is mainly interested in random matrices, random geometry, integrable systems or enumerative geometry.

  • portrait professeur Christophe Soulé

    Christophe Soulé, Mathematician

    CNRS Research Director at IHES (1986-2016)
    Emeritus CNRS professor since 2017

    Christophe Soulé studies Arakelov theory of arithmetic surfaces.

  • Pierre Vanhove, Physicist

    Former CEA Research Engineer at IHES (2011-2015)

    His main areas of research are perturbative and non-perturbative string theory, scattering amplitudes in quantum mechanics, and modular/automorphic forms.