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IHES and Huawei announce a collaboration to support young talents

Huawei Technologies France has recently pledged 6M€ to support the Institute over ten years. Part of this generous gift will extend the Huawei Chair in Algebraic Geometry, which was created in 2019 to acknowledge a 1M€ gift from Huawei and whose first chairholder is Prof. Laurent Lafforgue, 2002 Fields medalist and a permanent professor at IHES since 2000.

The remaining 5M€ will finance the Huawei Young Talents program, which aims to support the work of talented researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics, at the beginning of their careers. Every year, the Huawei Young Talents Program will fund on average 7 postdoctoral fellowships that will be awarded by the Institute’s Scientific Council, only on the basis of scientific excellence. The fellows will collaborate with the Institute’s permanent professors and work on topics of their interest.

“IHES’ unique and inspiring scientific environment constitutes the most fertile ground to foster young talents. Postdoctoral researchers, still at the beginning of their career, have all the potential to make the most of their stay at the Institute.” – said Emmanuel Ullmo, IHES Director, who, since the beginning of his mandate, in 2013, has made a real effort to expand the Institute’s postdoctoral offer.

The Huawei Young Talents Program also gives IHES the possibility to create a prestigious 5-year position reserved for a particularly gifted young researcher. “Through this competitive post, the first of its kind at IHES, the Institute intends to reward exceptional talent and attract in France outstanding young researchers that might otherwise begin their careers elsewhere.” – continued Emmanuel Ullmo.

“Early-stage researchers constitute an invaluable resource to IHES. Their dynamism and diverse research experience inject new life into the Institute’s scientific activity. Through the Young Talents Program at IHES, Huawei endorses once again IHES’ research model, thus standing on the side of free and disinterested research and taking part in the development of fundamental research in France”.